The Counseling Collective turns 2!

Tomorrow marks two years since I opened the doors to private practice! In case you missed it, I reflected on one year in private practice in a previous blog post here. What started as a small practice with 14 clients the first week has grown to more than 200 clients who we have had the pleasure of working with as we continue to serve our community.

As expected, much has changed in the last year. We expanded into three private offices within our current building, have one therapist out on maternity leave, and have another three therapists working with me to serve our clients. (Yes, you heard that right….three other therapists….so stay tuned in the next few weeks to that announcement of our latest therapist joining the group!) We increased our hours to include evenings and weekend availability. We also have an amazing client coordinator who helps with new client inquires, and gets new clients set up with a therapist who fits their needs and schedule. I am honored to work with this fabulous team of people!

To continue my yearly reflections on lessons learned, here are my newest insights:

  1. Sticking to boundaries I’ve set takes constant work! - Even as I write this, it’s late at night and I should go to bed. I admit that I check email on the weekends and on vacation, and that I do some social media management in the evenings when I’m at home. As a business owner, it’s tough to turn off my brain and not think about work. My rationale is that if I check my email Sunday, then that’s less work I’ll have to do in the office Monday morning. The problem I find though is that then I don’t ever stop thinking about work to take a break and recharge. This is an area I am fully aware of that needs more of my attention! I am working on slow and steady progress…..

  2. Surround yourself with support - As I launched my business, I was fortunately enough to have support of my loved ones. I don’t know how I would have done it otherwise! And, as I’ve expanded the business, I continue to seek out those who can encourage me with positivity. From a website developer friend who did me a (huge) favor, to lunch with another practice owner, to running business ideas by trusted confidants, to dinner with other business owners, to panicked texts to my accountant, I am grateful to have such loving, caring, supportive, and encouraging friends and family. If you are embarking on a challenge, it is so helpful to have people in your corner cheering you on.

I want to thank each of you for your support over the past two years….for “liking” our business Facebook page, for following us on Instagram, for sharing our posts, for reading our blogs, and suggesting us to your friends or family who are struggling and are considering therapy. Our best marketing tool is YOU…..a personal referral. Your support is humbling!