Celebrating One Year of Blogging!

In case you missed it on our social media pages, last week marked ONE YEAR since we started blogging! What began as a challenge for one person has evolved into a way for 4 of us to share helpful information about mental health and topics we might not necessarily talk about very much.

First, we’d like to THANK YOU! Thank you for reading the blog, for sharing it with your family and friends, for your comments, and for supporting not just the blog but the entire practice. There isn’t much of a point to blogging if no one is reading it!

In celebration of one year of blogging, we are asking for your feedback. We would love to hear which was your favorite blog post and what made that one stick out for you. We’d love to hear what else you’d like us to address, or what other topics you want to learn about. Please give us feedback, so we can direct the next year of blogging to what you’d like to read!