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Are you struggling with substance use or drinking too much which may have lead to legal involvement?  Has gambling becoming problematic for you?   Are you struggling with grief and loss, relationship problems, or standing up for yourself?  I would be happy to help you address these questions and concerns.  My purpose is to assist you with gaining and using positive coping skills consistently and enhancing your assertiveness.  I focus on strengths, empowerment, and promoting good self care.  I provide safe, respectful, comforting, accepting, and encouraging therapeutic sessions utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Techniques.  I know you are capable of achieving your goals and I will encourage and support you as you make positive life changes.  I will celebrate your accomplishments with you.  

I have worked in human services field since 1997 and have been doing substance abuse and mental health outpatient counseling since 2007.  I have extensive experience assisting people who struggle with addictions, self esteem, codependency, relationship stressors, and grief and loss.  I earned my Bachelors Degree in Social Work at Shippensburg University and continued my education to earn my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Shippensburg University.   I also earned certification in substance abuse counseling with extensive training in gambling addiction.

In my free time,  I enjoy volunteering with Castaway Critters. I strongly believe in the therapeutic aspects of caring for animals for research shows that physical health and mental health improve with receiving the unconditional love and companionship of pets.