About Stacy

The purpose of my work is to define your stressors, set goals, overcome obstacles, and teach you how to cope with a variety of life’s challenges. Together, we will explore your problems and sources of stress, as well as your strengths. I believe in a strengths-based perspective, and that all clients possess strengths to help them succeed in life. I strive to help you reach whole body wellness, and strongly believe that a person’s physical state, as well as mental, emotional and psychological state affect their mental health. I value a safe, comfortable, supportive, motivating, and caring environment. 

I earned my MSW from Millersville University and I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker in the state of Pennsylvania. I have been in the mental health field for 6 years. 

I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. I am a stepmother and a mother, as well as a coach, personal trainer and certified health coach.